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At RND1 Coaching we believe that with the right mindset and approach, anything is possible. If you’re at a crossroads in your life, you’re feeling stuck in a rut or you’ve lost your passion then our coaching can help you to find the direction, the energy and the focus you need to identify goals and reach for them with real purpose. We can help you transform your dreams into reality so you can live your best life. When the mind and body are in harmony there are NO LIMITS to what you can achieve. Performance coaching is about supporting you in reaching your full potential. Believing in yourself and your abilities is the key to attaining the transformation you’re seeking.

Performance Coaching

Performance coaching helps individuals face the challenges of their lives with greater confidence and purpose. Being committed to the process 100% is crucial to success and stepping outside of your comfort zone is essential.

It’s all about breaking down barriers and pushing yourself to achieve more. By doing so you can begin to truly excel and find your best self along the way.

Boxing & Fitness

Being fit and healthy is good for everyone’s wellbeing in a myriad of ways and if you want to take your fitness regime up a few notches then RND1 Coaching can help. We offer boxing and fitness sessions to anyone ready to commit the time and energy required.

Our sessions are as much about mental wellbeing as physical wellbeing. You will leave our sessions feeling amazing, your confidence will grow and you will lay a strong foundation for personal and professional growth, whatever your goals may be.

Coaching Teens

Teenage years are uniquely challenging for all of us and finding the confidence to grow and develop as people during this time can be incredibly important later in life.

We work with teenagers through fitness and coaching methods to help them improve their lifestyles and find the courage and belief they need to be aspirational and to follow their dreams for the future.

Life Coaching & Boxing

A combination of life coaching and boxing is a highly effective means of getting into a more positive and proactive frame of mind, while also getting you super fit in the process.

We offer this combination on the basis of genuine expertise in both areas of activity and it is guaranteed to boost your confidence, fitness and focus. It’s a powerful combination geared towards delivering clear personal development and sustainable success.

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If you would like to have a call about my services please contact me on 07456 769296.  Or complete the contact form opposite.

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