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At RND1 Coaching we recognise that every client’s journey is unique and individual. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for the next. To achieve the best results all of our clients have a bespoke training programme tailored to their needs.

We focus on fitness and nutrition as well as mindset, self-care and lifestyle, which can often go overlooked but which in the end can make all the difference – it’s too easy to slip back into old, unhealthy habits.

We make sure that our training plans complement the busy lifestyles of the many professionals and parents that we work with. Our awareness of the time pressures our clients so often face is why we set clear goals and then break down each goal into bite-sized chunks so that they are attainable and you can see real progress from week one.

Boxing services

A typical boxing circuit is 60 minutes long and covers a 10-15 minute warm up and stretch followed by a 30-minute boxercise, which includes combination/technique punching, punching pads and cardio. We also include a mixture of skipping, squat jumps, tuck jumps, and burpees. We finish off with a 5-minute abs (stomach) session and stretching/cooling down period.

Fitness and body conditioning service

All sessions start with a stretch and warm up which can include skipping or jogging. Our focus is then on two body parts for muscle building or several body parts with high-intensity training for weight loss and toning the body. We will add in exercises to make the plan completely tailored to your needs. We finish off with a 5-minute abs (stomach) session and stretching/cooling down period. 


As part of the service, I always recommend a diet plan for my clients to suit their needs best. I try to keep it as realistic as possible and maintainable for each individual. I also have a website which has been set up by a group of professional therapists, trainers, managers, and athletes who believe that a good diet in combination with regular exercise is the key to achieving high performance, and good health/wellbeing.

At RND1 Sports Nutrition, we’ve made available the very highest quality of natural food-sourced vitamins and minerals combined to create delicious fortified protein shakes and energisers. On the website, we sell RND1 Pre Workout supplements, which when taken are easily absorbed by the metabolism. They’re 100% guaranteed to include no artificial sweeteners, colours, preservatives or additives.


I bring together athletic performance and life coaching services to help my clients realise their goals and dreams. I work one-to-one and offer the following services:

  • A combination of boxing and life coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Boxing and fitness training

If you would like to discuss working together click the button below to connect with me.


I studied at the PURE Coaching Academy, the UK’s leading life coaching academy under the tutelage of Carole Ann Rice who is widely regarded as being the UK’s number one life coach. I’m registered with the British Boxing Board of Control. I have been D&BS (CRB) checked.


The healthier you become the happier you will also become. Our bodies and our minds are so closely connected that getting healthy can’t help but have a positive impact on the way we think and feel. It always gives me great pleasure to see my clients succeed in achieving their goals and self-improvements that they’re proud of.


When I met Simon I was looking for a personal trainer to help me change my approach to my fitness and lifestyle. I was unhappy with where I was in my life and felt stuck and frustrated. With Simon’s help, I was able to get my life back on track, my fitness levels are the best they have ever been! And most importantly I enjoy my life again. Simon has helped me to understand how to deal with challenges that come my way and the necessary actions to take to ensure I’m living my best life – being happy if my top priority in life. I now talk openly and frankly without fear of being judged, its such a relief to be able to be ME. After every session, I felt so much more relaxed, calm and ready to face the world.

Louise Fraser

I worked with Simon for 8 weeks and in that time he has really helped bring focus and clarity into my life.

Simon has this great coaching gift of being able to help you see your life the way it is whilst also motivating you which builds belief in yourself to take on the bigger challenges of today’s world.

I recommend Simon Johnson’s coaching services to anyone who wants to achieve real success in their life.

Peter Hillier

Managing Director, Attract & Inspire

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If you would like to have a call about my services please contact me on 07456 769296.  Or complete the contact form opposite.

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